A wedding between two individuals has become so important to the life of a couple as a shared experience. It is paramount
to capture the day with elegance. With almost 20 years of experience in the film business, I have created a company that chooses
to document weddings utilizing the most elegant and graceful medium for capturing images of a bride and groom on their special day.
Images and timeless memories that will be shared again and again over a lifetime and beyond. For each wedding I use 16mm motion
picture film and create a compelling and original wedding film that documents the life and celebration of your union.

If you are looking for something different and looking for a little elegance in a wedding film, then you may be my perfect customer
and I will give you well over 100% in getting everything right. We'll only have one chance to do that.
Please see my portfolio page to review my work.
It is my goal to capture your wedding day and present it in a dynamic & energetic manner.
By using innovative & creative camerawork, contemporary editing and a classic jazz or blues
soundtrack, I present your wedding day in an exciting but yet nostalgic manner that may be shared
with friends & family for years to come.

With our main product, I shoot in 16mm and transfer the processed negative to DigiBeta. Then, depending
on your needs, we edit broadcast quality or dub down to Mini DV. For those who love the home movie
aesthetic that Super 8mm offers, I can also offer to shoot in Super 8mm at at lower price point.

Editing utilizes Apple's Final Cut Pro and Apple G4 and G5 computers. Once editing is complete
I typically produce a DVD to maintain the highest level of quality, or I can output to any tape format.
We can even produce QuickTime, Real Media, or Windows Media versions for the web or any handheld
using Palm 5 software. All tape and DVD versions also contain all the unedited footage in its raw form.

Many will ask, "Why shoot in film when video is easier and less expensive?" Even though digital video
has democratized the film business and has made large inroads towards emulating film, it still has
a way to go. Film is still more graceful than video. Especially in the way it exposes and looks
to the human eye; video still has an inherent edge which film does not have. You may see the
difference between film and video right at home on your own television if you look at any news program,
soap opera, local advertising commercial, or reality TV program which are shot in video. Then watch
TV shows shot in film such as Friends, ER, Law and Order, any national commercial, or any major movie
and you should see a difference in the aesthetics of film vs. video. You may think that if both are on TV
isn't it all video? The difference lies in what the footage was originated on. It does make a difference.

Because I use film, my prices are a little higher than an average wedding videographer. Film is
more expensive than using video tape, but I am also doing something no one else is doing in
terms of craft and format. My price for a 16mm wedding film is $4900.00 and for a Super 8mm
version is $3700.00 complete with final DVDs.